Using Our Website to Improve Our Bottom Line and Streamline Operations

We needed a complete website design makeover. The old one has been the same for years. It was not really customer friendly. I tried to use it to make a purchase, and saw for myself how frustratingly complicated it was. It was good for its time, but we needed to update everything. We hired a team that does web design in Toronto to redo the whole thing from the ground up. We wanted the new one to be trendy, fashionable and fun to use. The stuff behind the scenes, such as page ranking and SEO, had to all be considered as well.

The company that we hired that does web design in Toronto was very professional. I liked the fact that they used a professional photography team to come in and take pictures to be used on the website. They developed every image, graphic and the text. We just made recommendations for what we wanted, and they handled the rest. Making a company website requires an intimate knowledge of what it is your company does. Not every web design team can truly get what it is that you do, or how you separate yourself from others in your industry. Our web developers took the time to get to know us and our customers.

This is how we ended up with an award winning website. I am amazed at how sleek and professional it looks now. I am also happy with the interface customers use to place orders. Everything works smoothly now. This has greatly improved sales and reduced customer complaints from using our old clunky website in the past. I like the time they took in creating a website that is easy to navigate no matter if you are a customer, supplier, vendor or employee of our company. We are really making use of our online presence to improve our bottom line and streamline operations. It was a big task, and we needed a strong company to pull it off.